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Written by Ivan Miller   

This Gnostic website was created to spread the Gnosis of Venerable Master Samael Aun Weor online to all already Gnostics and those who would like to learn Gnosticism. You may wonder if our Gnostic teachings have a cost; however, they are free of any charge, as Venerable Master Samael Aun Weor, father of modern Gnosis, wished.

Through this website, you can learn the Gnostic teachings at the comfort and safety of your home. But because the intention of Gnosticism is self-transformation, much practice is needed, for which Gnostics must discipline themselves. You may want to join a Gnostic group where emphasis is put on practice. A group’s will-power is harder to break than individual one. This is why Buddhist monks put so much effort on building meditation halls.

If you are new to Gnosis, you may wonder what its definition is. Below you will find it.

Gnosticism Definition

Gnosis is the Greek word for knowledge.  At the entrance of ancient Greek temples, the phrase “know thyself and thou shall know the mysteries of the Gods and the universe” can, still, be read. So, Gnostics looks to gain knowledge about the self, and consequently about everything else.  This Gnostic concept might sound nonsense, so to truly understand it you might need to get a grasp of the techniques within Gnosticism by practicing them, overall those of astral travel, lucid dreaming and meditation.

To continue with the definition, Gnosis is a universal perennial knowledge, as V.M. Samael Aun Weor used to say. Therefore, Buddhism and various other forms of spirituality could also be considered Gnosticism, and vice versa, because their focus is the same: knowledge of the self or enlightenment. Though, Buddhism and Gnosis each has its own means or techniques for attaining this goal. But Gnosticism has an additional goal, which is demystifying the path to enlightenment, which is so deceiving within other spiritual systems.



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